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Arsenal green-lights private investment for new bitcoin mining project

Updated: May 25, 2022

Arsenal Holdings Inc. has this week completed its regulatory filings and has announced its intention to include private client investment in its upcoming bitcoin mining farm joint venture.

The launch of the project which will see the coming together of several energy firms across various US states to mine the king of cryptocurrencies has been eagerly awaited by retail and institutional investors alike.

Other than mining it yourself (which is becoming more and more difficult) there are relatively few opportunities for investors to get directly involved in the actual creation of Bitcoin, which explains the buzz around the Arsenal project.

Despite strong institutional interest however, the first round of capital investment will be done privately and positions at the grass root stages will be offered exclusively to project contributors and participating partners. A number of private investors will also be invited to participate.

Secondary and tertiary funding rounds will then be offered to the wider public in anticipation of an eventual Nasdaq listing.

The move, aimed at rewarding those involved with putting the project together is also intended to raise awareness of the bitcoin mining industry among the public and help contribute to the overall adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Early investors will enjoy not only the returns from the mining activities but will also have the option to convert to equity prior to the Nasdaq listing which could be as early as the end of this year. Projected figures and time frames will be made available by the projects’ investment manager Vigilant Capital in the coming weeks as will an exclusive interview with Arsenal Holdings CEO Ryan Messer.

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