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Vigilant Capital to roll out two new products in Q4.

Vigilant Capital has announced plans to launch two new products in the fourth quarter of this year both of which will be built around its expertise in the precious metals markets.

“In response to the cost-of-living crisis we have looked at ways to make gold more accessible as well as make gold holdings more dynamic. We hope the new products will help introduce more people to the benefits of owning gold and also provide new opportunities to our existing clients.”


Vigilant GSP is a precious metals savings plan which will enable investment into physical gold and silver for as little as 100 dollars a month. Clients of the plan will be able to open a portfolio and build their holdings over time at a level that is comfortable for them, dollar cost averaging their purchases on a month-to-month basis. Structured around Vigilant’s unique gold purchase and custody model, clients will have access to liquidity and physical delivery.


Vigilant’s mine to market product will leverage Vigilant’s extensive contacts in the mining industry and its strategic refinery partnerships to give its clients direct access to gold production opportunities. Making gold investment more dynamic, the product aims to deliver constant monthly returns based on purchasing gold base products and Dore bars directly from producers around the world and shipping for assay and sale to a number of top refineries. A quick business cycle will ensure that invested funds are continuously redeployed maximizing profitability and increasing returns. Clients will have the option to reinvest profits or to take profits in cash or gold bullion.

More details on these two new products will be available here next month.

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