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Why everybody should have a precious metals account with Vigilant Capital

As the world enters another financial crisis and an uncertain monetary future it has become more important than ever to have an independent wealth protection strategy.

We have spoken before about the devastating stealth tax that is inflation and how hard-earned savings are eroded by this invisible financial foe. Inflation is currently at a 40 year high with no signs of abating and the global economic outlook can be described as uncertain at best. A period of stagflation is now increasingly likely and a recession or even a depression could follow.

Politicians and central bankers will of course tell us that everything is under control and that there is nothing to worry about. They will print more money. They will use their outdated models and policies in an attempt to steady the ship. They will paper over the cracks.

Vigilant Capital believes it is time for everyone to take control of their financial future and that this must begin with protecting what we already have.

Vigilant’s private gold custody model is the cornerstone of Vigilant’s wealth protection strategy and is available to everyone. VPMC enables private clients to buy, sell and store investment grade fine gold and silver in a secure way without the need for prime brokers or banks and without paying exorbitant mark ups or fees.

Vigilant’s custody model uses only LBMA approved service providers and maintains the chain of integrity through the good delivery system. Clients have access to liquidity and the option to take possession of the physical metal as well. All metal in custody is fully allocated.

Fast access to liquidity enables clients to store their wealth in gold and silver secure in the knowledge that it is easily converted to cash if and when needed.

Opening a Vigilant metals account is free and easy and clients only pay for the storage and insurance of the metals they own. Vigilant uses the official London fix price on all transactions and does not make a spread when buying or selling, giving its customers total control over their holdings.

Vigilant prides itself on providing a personalised service to its clients and are always available to speak in person to account holders 365 days of the year.

If you’re interested in protecting your wealth against inflation and learning more about how to achieve this through owning gold and silver, contact the Vigilant team today.

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