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Vigilant enters agreement with Arsenal Digital Holdings Inc

Vigilant Capital IM LTD this week signed an exclusive agreement with American based crypto mining company ARSENAL DIGITAL HOLDINGS INCORPORATED, and will act as Investment Manager to the firm for their upcoming joint venture.

The operation which is spread across several US states, involves a number of distributed energy companies and will harness the Arsenal teams background in the energy sector, sourcing clean, low carbon natural gas to generate low cost, high uptime power to its Bitcoin mining facilities.

Arsenals’ mining rigs use state of the art immersion cooling technology which greatly help to mitigate environmental concerns and location restrictions whilst significantly increasing efficiency.

The project will be rolled out in several phases at a number of different locations across the USA and has the potential to become one of the biggest crypto mining operations in the world.

Vigilant Capital IM in its role as investment manager will be involved at every stage of the investment structuring process, from the initial rounds of capital raising through to the planned Nasdaq listing in 2023. Furthermore, Vigilant will manage investor relations for the duration of the project.

Finalising the agreement last week via zoom call, the principles of both companies were in high spirits and had the following to say:

“Having a professional Investment Management team like Vigilant Capital to manage the investment side of the project allows us to concentrate on doing what we do best, which is securing the right energy sources and building out ultra-productive mining facilities. We are delighted to be working with Vigilant on this project”

RYAN MESER - CEO Arsenal Digital Holdings

“Partnering with Arsenal Digital Holdings on this venture is a real pleasure for us, they have a stellar team with a great track record and the numbers on this project look very good indeed. We are excited to be involved from the outset and are looking forward to contributing to the success of the project through the various stages of its development.

Vigilant capital, whilst best known for its managing of physical assets is becoming increasingly involved in the digital asset space and our appointment as Investment Manager to Arsenal is another step in that direction”


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